Aquarius Moodkit


Aquarius (January 21st – February 19th)
The Unobtainable

These colors accentuate the Haunting, Wistful aspect of Aquarius.
Lips – Violet
Blush – Rose
Eyes – Seafoam, Stone, Peach Sunrise, Violet Mist

This kit will attract: FASCINATION


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Aquarius women have an unusual touching quality. Haunting and wistful, they are among the most beautiful in the zodiac. They are always interesting-looking, with delicately chiseled features, and usually have blond or sandy-colored hair and a complexion paler than average within their ethnic group. The typical Aquarian face is long and triangular, with the base of the triangle at the forehead. The mouth is at one extreme or the other: thin lips, not well defined, with the upper lip thinner than the lower; or large, full, and rather elastic. The former generally accompanies a somewhat detached personality; the latter is found with larger, rounder faces and more exuberant personalities. The eyes are usually round, and although not drooping, they sometimes appear to dip because of the sharp downturn of the eyebrow bone in the center. The eyebrows are fine and usually straight.


Although Aquarius is never overly preoccupied with her appearance, she often ends up looking quite avant-garde. She is ready to try any type of skin treatment or makeup because she is capable of seeing herself objectively, with a certain curiosity. She also has a great love of color. This does not mean, however, that she herself enjoys experimenting; she would rather see what others can do for her. Because of this, Aquarius is the perfect model for the makeup artist: she’s calm and confident enough to accept any new look.


Even if the Aquarius woman does not have the particular eye shape mentioned above, her eyes will probably be unusually shaped. That, combined with her long face, makes her makeup rather difficult. It must be kept light, and airy colors used. Grayish-browns are better than reddish hues, unless the hair is sandy-colored, and all shading must be well blended. Still, Aquarius can take a stronger and more unusual makeup well. She’s at her best when experimenting and emphasizing her own originality. The more sensual, rounder-faced Aquarian, for example, can go with her oddly shaped eyes rather than against them, perhaps by highlighting the prominent part of the eyelids and darkening the deep crease in the inner corner. Color under the eyes also works well, unusual kohl colors inside the lower rim being but one possibility.


As with other air signs, a matte finish is best for Aquarian face powders and eye shadows, to enhance the beauty of her naturally pale skin. The most flattering eye colors are pastels; mustard, violet, and all shades of gray, especially grayish-blues. Blusher should be placed on the cheekbone of the narrower-faced Aquarius— if placed under the cheek it wifl only lengthen and slim the face even more. Light or muted pinks and light peaches are best for this. On her lips, all bluish tints look good, from pale bluish-pink through lilac and on to violet. For those with thicker lips, pale muted lipsticks and transparent glosses are most attractive.


When Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius, is strong, amber jewelry will add warmth and offer an unusual and flattering contrast to her bluish shades of makeup. This is especially becoming to sandy-haired, freckle-faced Aquarians. When Saturn, the co-ruler, is strong, the skin tends to be sallower. In this case, sapphire or black pearls, also associated with Aquarius, will be more flattering, and will harmonize beautifully with all shades of lilac, deep violet, or gray on the eyes and muted pink on the lips.