Cancer Moodkit


Cancer (June 21st – July 22nd)
The Captivator

These colors accentuate the Elusive, Original nature of Cancer.
Has a hard-shell but is compassionate and caring (bundle of contradictions); charming with a sense of humor

Lips – Coral
Blush – Coral
Eyes – Mediteranean, Cloud, Violet Mist, Gold
This kit will attract: OBSESSION


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The Cancer woman is like the moon that rules her: constant only in her changeability. Her beauty is a concentration of many lunar qualities—dreaminess and mutability are the most compelling—and she certainly knows how to make the most of her assets. However, the sensitive moon child easily becomes depressed and self-pitying and then is apt to be rather lazy about her appearance. She must be cajoled and flattered into emerging from her shell and confidently displaying her Cancerian spirit—whether it’s characterized by a refined, exquisite taste or an intriguing, original style.


While her appearance and makeup reflect her instinct for what suits her best, they are not always conventional (especially if she is accentuating her special lunar madness) and can leave her open to negative reaction. If she so wishes, she can play it safe by emphasizing her soft lunar mystery instead. By gently blending her moon colors of palest gold, pale greens, opalescent blues, and iridescent hues of lilac and purple around her eyes, she’ll create a shimmering halo of color to enhance her dreamy expression. Violet or dark blue pencils applied inside the lower rim of the eyes will emphasize the color of the iris as well as that special faraway look. All harsh lines should be avoided, in her blusher and lip pencil as well as her eye shadow and liner.


Cancer’s expressive, serene face has a tendency to allergies and bums easily in the sun. She must take rigorous care of her complexion, especially as it is affected greatly by her state of mind. To protect it in the harsh city environment, the palest of creamy foundations—even an iridescent one—should be used. The beauty of her radiant, lunar white skin can then be enhanced with a dusting of the finest, palest gold or silver iridescent powder. If her rising sign is Capricorn or Virgo, she may have a somewhat sluggish complexion. In this case, a pale foundation is necessary for appearance as well as protection.


It’s unnecessary to encourage the Cancer woman to experiment. She will follow her feelings and moods, to project or protect her personality. Her distinctive style will eventually comprise many different looks, as befits her changeable nature. There are, however, physiognomic differences among Cancer women which call for slight variations in their makeup, regardless of the style they choose.


The “full-moon” type is the one most people think of when they picture the Cancer woman. She has a large skull, overhanging brow, and pronounced jaw, with small, round, wide-set eyes and a short, slightly wide nose. She may have a real “baby face”—full and round, with a narrow forehead. Usually this type has fine blond hair as well. The lips have a narrow bow shape, like that fashionable in the twenties—often with a beauty mark on or overlapping them. The “half-moon” Cancer is more sensual and frequently more Mediterranean-looking. Her face is much narrower, her eyes—most often brown— more closely set, her nose is a little longer and turns down slightly, and her lips are fuller. The baby-faced Cancer, while not needing as great an intensity of color around her eyes as the half-moon type, does require quite a lot of color to enlarge her eyes.


Pale silvery shades of salmon-pink lipstick are best for the full-moon Cancer’s ethereal looks, but all violets, clear pinks, and even orange lipsticks would be flattering to the half-moon Cancer, whose full lips need no enlarging (although she will probably do this, nonetheless).


Transparent or milky stones such as the opal, moonstone, pearls, and crystal are ruled by the moon and are therefore governed by Cancer. They blend perfectly with any makeup she might choose—from the most classic to the most imaginative— and complement wonderfully her smooth, shimmery complexion and her luminous otherworldly beauty.