Capricorn Moodkit


Capricorn (December 22nd – January 20th)
The Sophisticate

These colors accentuate the Passionate, Reserved nature of Capricorn.
Lips – Muted Pin 
Blush – Berry 
Eyes – Snow, Mushroom, Storm Grey, Pacific Blue

This kit will attract: WEALTH


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When I think of the Capricorn woman, I immediately think of beautiful y melancholy, captivating eyes. Their intensity, which belies the aura of cool aloofness typical of her sign, makes them her most attractive feature—and the most important aspect of her makeup. They should be emphasized with strong, blended makeup in dark misty colors, such as navy blue, gray, solid brown, and, as with the other earth signs, dark grayish or bottle green. These colors should be applied heavily next to the lashes, completely surrounding the eyes, and to help space them, blended straight out. Do not sweep the color upward; this will only lengthen the already long face that Capricorn usually has. The eyes, most often brown and sometimes small and round in shape, can be enlarged with black or brown eyeliner. The line should be very thin at the inner corner and across two-thirds of the eyelid, then rather wide at the outer corner to modify the shape.


While the youthful Capricorn is generally unsure of herself and weighed down by limitations and responsibilities, she will find that life becomes richer for her as she grows older. Women of this sign are outwardly calm, elegant, and gracious, with natural “class.” They create their images carefully, and while they never spend simply for the pleasure of spending, quality is of great importance to them. Uninfluenced by the latest fashions, they buy little but always well, and tend to choose established brands of skin-care products and makeup.


Still, Capricorn often has difficulties knowing how to use makeup and as a result may avoid it completely. This is unfortunate, because Capricorn has a very discreet beauty which benefits greatly from the emphasis given by cosmetics. A strong makeup can easily be carried by women of this sign; if intelligently applied, it strengthens the impact of their personality, as well as the public image that’s so important to them.


Saturn, the ruler of Capricorn, often bestows an olive tint to the complexion, which becomes more beautiful as she grows older. In youth, however, she is prone to either acne or, at the other extreme, dry, flaky skin and allergies. The sun, good general health, and a disciplined skin-care regime begun in adolescence are essential to her skin’s health. Capricorns should use cleansers instead of soaps and apply protective moisturizing creams daily. The fragile skin around the eyes profits from regular compresses of witch hazel and a very light eye cream. Both are better withstood and more effective in the morning rather than at night.


Very little blusher is needed to bring life to the Capricorn complexion. If the skin is pale, a light dusting of an almost white powder will make an extraordinary difference. If the makeup is too well balanced, it will be very boring on Capricorn, unless very unusual colors are used. On the other hand, too colorful or “trendy” a makeup will be overpowering to her subtle beauty.


The Capricorn woman generally has a rather small but beautifully shaped mouth. If the emphasis is here, she should first define the lips with a pencil of the same shade as the lipstick. Since the outline of her lips is not very strong, it is easy to enlarge the mouth if so desired. The lip color should then be taken completely to the pencil line. Bright red lipstick is flattering, but in that case the eye makeup should be discreet, or even nonexistent. If the eye makeup is strong, the lips should then be underplayed with light muted tones of pink or orange.


Capricorn is at her best wearing jet jewelry set in silver, with smoky-gray eye colors and bright red lipstick to add drama. Dark sapphires— another Capricorn stone — should be worn with a pale, muted lipstick, a minimum amount of blusher, and dark blue or gray on the eyes. Although slightly less dramatic, this look is just as effective in enhancing the elegance and magnetism of Capricorn’s quiet beauty.