Gemini Moodkit


Gemini (May 21st – June 20th)

The Tantalizer
These colors accentuate the Naughty, Avant-garde nature of Gemini.
Unique and unusual life; mysterious

Lips – Ruby
Blush – Driftwood
Eyes – Cloud, Storm Grey, Violet Mist, Purple liner

This kit will attract: TROUBLE [adulation]


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The extremely pretty, lively, and intelligent-looking Gemini woman has the most beautiful profile in the zodiac. She has elegantly sculptured features: a well-formed nose that can be either dainty or long and straight; full lips, clearly defined and well colored; and almond-shaped eyes that tend to slant upward. Her face is either long, nicely balanced and rectangular, or triangular because of prominent cheekbones. Although it’s usually hidden by her hair, Gemini’s identifying feature is her forehead. There is always something unusual about the Gemini brow, whether it’s a perfect widow’s peak such as that of Brooke Shields, or a distinctly odd shape. The Gemini woman also has a clear, glowing complexion that tans easily and retains its color for a long time. Hers is a timeless face; it changes little and never seems to wrinkle as she gets older.


With such versatile features, Gemini has quite a few options for choosing and applying makeup—and with her famous mercurial personality; she enjoys experimenting with all of them. Still, there are some basic guidelines to consider.


Very little foundation should be used on that perfect complexion. If there are dark circles under the eyes, a pale but warm- colored concealer or foundation can be used, followed by a translucent or golden powder to blend and smooth.


Those remarkable eyes should be accentuated. Dark eye shadow should be used sparingly under the eyes to emphasize the almond shape. Some delicate penciling is enough; then, additional light penciling at the base of the upper lashes is all Gemini will need for pretty definition within an overall natural look. For slightly more emphasis, she can use black, dark gray, or navy eyeliner at the base of the upper lashes, extending the line out and up to follow the tilt of the eyes. With lots of mascara, this is an easy, effective alternative to using eye shadows. The diversity of Gemini’s nature, however, will probably lead her to experiment successfully with colors and unusual combinations. Bright blues, yellows, and reds—as well as violet with green, orange with violet—can all be worn by the chameleon-like Gemini. But for the most glamorous look, she should don a pair of aquamarine earrings and opt for dark, smoky eyes. Aquamarine is her stone: sparkling near, and with, her eyes, it creates an irresistible effect, The final step in tending to her eye makeup involves the eyebrows. Although they hardly ever need plucking, she should remember to brush them into shape to enhance their naturally graceful arch.


Very little blusher is needed with prominent cheekbones. It should always be applied last, to avoid any conflict in coloring or intensity. A lighter touch is needed if the eyes and lips are bright, in order to avoid a clown-like effect. Depending on the colors of her clothing and makeup, either beige, amber, or brown should be applied on the cheekbones themselves, to soften angles. For more drama, that same color can be used in the hollow of the cheeks, with a slightly lighter color on the cheekbones to emphasize their angularity.


Gemini looks most stunning with a clear, bright red lipstick. With those well- shaped lips, though, any color—matte, iridescent, or gloss—will be very flattering.