Sagittarius Moodkit


Sagittarius (November 22nd – December 21st)
The Optimist

These colors accentuate the Daring, Successful personality of Sagittarius.

Lips – Orange
Blush – Corn
Eyes – Peach Sunrise, Red Earth, Violet Mist, Purple liner

This kit will attract: ADVENTURE


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Sagittarius is the bright, breezy, joyful beauty of the zodiac. She has an engaging smile and is naturally healthy-looking, if she has learned to control her love of food and drink. Even if she is blond or auburn-haired, as most Sagittarians are, she’ll often have a slightly tanned complexion. Her best beauty treatment is the fresh air in which she seems to have been bred, and a good moisturizer, since her skin will probably be prone to dryness.


A comparatively large skull and wide face and forehead are typical Sagittarian traits and combine to give her an alert, candid look. She has perfect almond- shaped eyes which are slightly upturned; well-defined, gently arched brows; and a small nose. Although her mouth is usually narrow, it too is beautifully shaped, with a slight upward lift in the corners, and her exceptional smile is made all the more attractive by her perfect white teeth. Even when not openly smiling, Sagittarius has a sparkling, mischievous look about the eyes and mouth.


Sagittarius enjoys following the latest trends in makeup. She is an impulsive and extravagant buyer and often purchases products without taking the time to make sure they are right for her. As a result, she will often make mistakes. To avoid them, her motto should be “the simpler the better,” for her natural beauty and the charm of her fine features can be drowned by the wrong colors or too heavy a hand. No more than two eye shadows are usually necessary on the eyelids, blended to avoid harsh contrasts, and taken softly up and outward, following the oblique lines of the eye. Muted violets, greens, and browns—preferably matte, but at most slightly iridescent—are most flattering to her. Violet, especially, will enhance her more sophisticated side, as will eyeliner, to emphasize the fantastic shape of her eyes. For a less formal look, though, darkening only the base of the bottom lashes with brown pencil is wonderfully effective.


Heavy, dark, or harsh bright colors should be avoided, with the exception of orange, which is as lovely on her eyes as it is on her lips. Many Sagittarians use pink eye shadow along with bright bluish- pink on their lips and cheeks. This is a classic case of “overkill.” Sagittarius simply does not need all that color—it sharpens her features and drowns her most entrancing quality—her sunny warmth.


To keep that warmth in her complexion, then, Sagittarius should use a russet or peachy shade of blusher, or a golden brown, even when using violet eye shadow. And, as in the eye makeup, lightness of hand should be the rule. Healthy golden foundation colors are best, unless the skin is very pale. If the complexion has a lightly tanned look, a tinted moisturizer may be all she needs. This, along with mascara, a cream blusher on the cheekbones, and a lip gloss are perfect for the sporty Sagittarius who wants only to enhance her natural good looks. A light dusting of face powder to tone down shininess, and lipstick instead of gloss, transform this into city makeup. Sagittarians have a wide choice of lipstick shades. Along with beiges and russets, they look good in bright pinks, violets, oranges, and reds.


The extroverted beauty of Sagittarius enables her to wear all red and green stones well. Her most flattering stone is amethyst, which is governed by her ruling planet, Jupiter, and which harmonizes beautifully with any of the above-mentioned makeup colors. Turquoise is another attractive option, for a more casual look. The coolness of the stone against her warm complexion perfectly emphasizes the fresh vitality of the Sagittarian beauty and disposition.