Virgo Moodkit


Virgo (August 22nd – Semptember 22nd)
The Giver

These colors accentuate the Intriguing, Romantic nature of Virgo.

Lips – Brick
Blush – Russet
Eyes – Ivory, Sand, Turquoise, Earth liner

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Virgo from Linda Mason on Vimeo.


It is difficult to believe that the extremely attractive dreamer with the soft oval face and delicate cameo features could be born under the same sign as a woman with bold, piercing eyes and sharp features. The former is the most common type of Virgo, although a mixture of the two can be found. The latter type has larger eyes and a mouth which is always well defined and quite beautiful. Her features are similar to those of Pisces, her polar opposite, but are distinguished by the flatter planes of the face and the sharper-eyed, less dreamy expression. Although not as harmonious, Virgo’s features are still extremely attractive, with an intriguing beauty—the kind that “grows on you.”

The lovely, typically high forehead is often accentuated by a widow’s peak, and the serene, slightly protruding, and heavy-lidded eyes are framed by high, delicate eyebrows. Depth should be given to the eyes by applying dark, preferably earthy, shades next to the lashes. Even those rare Virgos with deep-set eyes will find that this technique will enlarge them. Balance is the key word in all Virgo makeup, to enhance the purity and tranquillity of expression. Blues, pinks, and other bright colors on her eyes give her a harsh, painted look unless they are used sparingly and combined with the colors more flattering to her sign: rust, dark green, all shades of brown from beige to chocolate, and, for the dark-haired Virgo, black. Although it is good for her clothing, gray should be avoided as it tends to harden the Virgo woman’s face.

To further accentuate harmony and softness, blusher should be kept to a minimum on the cheekbones, and a little used around the face and under the chin for a luminous effect. Light russet shades, apricot, and peach are all suitably discreet for Virgo. Her skin tone is usually very even. Some pale foundation under the eyes will highlight this area and deemphasize the slightly protruding eyelids. This plus a light dusting of transparent powder is all she will need to enhance her skin, if she has been getting enough fresh country air (her complexion’s most important revitalizer).

In her youth, Virgo tends to neglect her skin, which is astonishing for such a meticulous person. This is probably because she has little orno complexion trouble and therefore assumes, incorrectly, that it is unnecessary. Although Virgos generally stay youthful-looking until late in life, the permanently anxious look, another Virgo trait, can cause frown lines on the forehead at quite a young age. A good skin- care program (the Virgo woman is usually satisfied with moderately priced, clinical- seeming products) and lessons in relaxing facial muscles can prevent or alleviate this problem.

If foundation is applied to the entire face, a tinted moisturizer or, at most, a fine-textured foundation is best. Anything heavier will be too obvious and will coarsen this delicate face.

For both types of Virgos, the lips can be slightly enlarged. At the very least, care should be taken to extend the color right to the edge of the lips. This will lessen the doll-like effect makeup can have on the softer-faced Virgo. For the sharper- featured woman, it will add sensuality to her looks, unless she has the large, well-defined mouth, in which case this will not be necessary. A great variety of lipstick shades are available to both Virgos: russets, ambers, salmon pink, oranges, and even reds. The Virgo with the larger mouth could be even more adventurous, adding browns, mustard shades, and bluish-pinks to the above shades as well as a clear gloss, which, on the younger Virgo, creates a very interesting contrast with strongly colored eyes.

When Virgo’s stone, the Mercury- governed aquamarine, is worn, the softer salmon pink and russet shades would be best. Topaz, another stone associated with Virgo, is most becoming with oranges or clear reds. It is interesting to note that sardonyx, the stone used in cameo jewelry, is also ruled by this sign. It is almost as if the first type of Virgo mentioned in this chapter—she with the delicate, dreamy expression—had been etched in the very stone governed by her ruling sign.