Libra Moodkit


Libra (September 23rd-October 22nd)
The Heartbreaker

These colors accentuate the Elegant, Refined beauty of Libra.
Lips – Hot Pink
Blush – Berry
Eyes – Violet Mist, Shell Pink, Mushroom, Coal

This kit will attract: INFATUATION


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Libra Makeup from Linda Mason


Elegance and refinement are the St two outstanding qualities of Libra, who, like Taurus, is governed by Venus. In her quest for perfection, Libra effortlessly lends a physical form to the ideal of beauty in all she does. She instinctively knows how to maintain and express her beauty, and takes great care of herself. As a result, Libra appears confident and knowing, and the strong charm and agreeable expression that arise from this self-confidence make her very attractive and almost always pretty.


When Venus is strong in the charts of other signs, it softens the physical features of those signs. Conversely, the normally soft features of the Libran are easily modified by other astrological influences in her chart. As a matter of fact, her physical traits often seem to be taken completely from the more powerful, distinctive signs in her horoscope.


Colors fascinate the Libra woman, but her aesthetic sense leads her away from opulence in favor of harmony and elegance. She can adapt even the most difficult and unusual makeup to her own looks while retaining her sensuality and character. Because of this, there is no hard and fast rule for her makeup. She should follow her intuition. Libran-ruled colors such as soft blues and pastels are very flattering; no other sign is able to use them with such subtlety and warmth. While Taurus is an earth sign ruled by Venus, and therefore most attractive in earthier colors and paler pinks, Libra is an air sign, able to use all shades of pink to enhance her Venus- bestowed charms. From a soft pink when she is feeling soft and cuddly to a sexy shocking pink to a deep, sensual pinkish burgundy for her more vampish moods, the color pink seems to have been created with Libra in mind. To emphasize her special refined beauty, Libra can balance bluish-pink lipstick with mustard and copper shades.

Many eye shapes are found among Librans. The two that I find most common are featured below. If your eyes are different, consult the technical index at the back of the book for your particular shape and insert Libra colors into those instructions.


The Libran face is often heart-shaped, slightly hexagonal, with the forehead somewhat narrower than the jaw. The prominent cheekbones form the widest part of the face. The eyebrows are gracefully arched and not usually very strong. Libra’s delicate skin is a mirror of her physical and emotional health; dark circles under the eyes and a lifeless complexion appear after a depressed period or an active partying stage. These can be alleviated by occasional intensive treatments and alternating an oxygenating cream with the usual nourishing night cream. It is also important to use a deep-cleansing mask once a week to reinvigorate the complexion. Like Cancer, Libra has a tendency to sunburn easily, so extra care must be taken outdoors. Foundation will help protect the skin, and a shade slightly lighter than the skin tone, with a touch of rose in it, would be perfect for livening it up. Powder is equally important, as a matte finish is the most flattering to Librans.


The transparency of the diamond, Libra’s stone, allows her the freedom to choose and intensify her makeup colors, but she has other options as well. White jade, flattering to her skin color, integrates beautifully with the refined coloring of mustard eyes and pale pink lips. When coral, the stone governed by Venus, is worn with contrasting shades of pink, it adds warmth and balance to the more bluish- pink shades. Together they reflect the harmony and elegance of the Libra beauty.