Taurus Moodkit


Taurus (April 21st – May 20th)
The Seductress

These colors accentuate the Exotic, Sensual nature of Taurus.
Cool, Calm, and Collected; Smoldering presence

Lips – Nude
Blush – Rose
Eyes – Sand, Shell, Brown Earth, Coal

This kit will attract: LOVE


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Taurus Astrokit from Linda Mason on Vimeo.



Lucky Taurus! Her complexion is a perfect reflection of her character—strong, smooth, and, since she’s ruled by Venus, extremely sensual. Photographs simply do not do her justice; her beauty lies in her “presence” as much as in her appearance. The first of the earth signs in nature’s cycle, Taurus represents the land and is strongly based in the material. She is frequently found wearing no makeup, but because of her earthy, natural attractiveness, and since her skin is not prone to many problems, she is usually just as good-looking without it. Taurus, sure of her femininity, is unlike certain other signs which need makeup to boost their spirits; Cancer, for example, who uses makeup as part of her shell, to hide her sensitivity. Still, Taurus’ artistic nature and love of beauty inspire a tremendous curiosity about makeup and its possibilities.


Taurus should use soft pink shades delicately to accentuate her innate sensuality, while dark yellow or mustard shades and natural greens and browns will emphasize her earthiness. She should also try metallic shades like copper and bronze, which are as softly flattering to her eyes as they are to her lips. Taurus’ alternative to playing up the doe-like quality of her eyes is to make them stronger and more exotic by elongating them. This will widen that part of the face and add space to the sometimes close-set eyes. If Taurus wears her hair off her face, she should make her forehead lighter than the rest of her face by mixing a bit of white foundation with her usual color, or by dusting her brow with a white powder.


The often strong jaw can be deemphasized with a slightly darker foundation or taupe blusher well blended from under the cheekbones down to the jawbone. However, this trick should be used only at night. In daylight it can easily look like what it is: darker makeup on the lower part of the face. Knowledgeable Taureans minimize the lower part of the face by emphasizing the eyes instead. Blusher on the cheekbone itself should be a light pink shade. On the underside of the cheekbone (not in the hollow below it) a darker muted pink can be used, or russet or brown for a more earthy look. As earthier Taureans tend to have a rather thick neck, brown blusher can also be dusted down the sides of the neck (see sketch), with the most intense color at the top, just behind the jawbone. Those with thicker necks should also avoid tight or heavy necklaces.


While her fellow earth signs, Capricorn and Virgo, must be selective and more light-handed with their bases, Taurus takes to almost any foundation well. Still, her natural glow should never be too heavily covered. Yellowish tints are the most attractive for her complexion, which has a beautiful touch of yellow itself. Pink shades of foundation will only drown this healthy, earthy skin tone.


Red is not the most flattering color for her lips, since it draws too much attention to the lower part of her face. Much better are the more neutral earth shades of russet, golden brown, or beige and almost all pale pinks except those that are frosted. Any of these harmonize beautifully with the coral and alabaster jewelry that is so lovely against her smooth skin. When Taurus wears her stone, the emerald, either in earrings or on a necklace, she would be wise to remember that these precious stones are almost all she needs to enhance her beauty. The most she would need in addition is black eye shadow or kohl pencil smudged around her eyes, very close to her lashes, a touch of brownish-pink blusher, and a muted lipstick—a natural but astonishingly glamorous look for the wild, natural beauty of the Taurus woman.