Scorpio Moodkit


Scorpio (October 23rd-November 21st)
The Hypnotizer

These colors accentuate the Mysterious, Fascinating nature of Scorpio.
Lips – Ruby
Blush – Berry
Eyes – Coal, Stone, Forest Bed, Mediterranean

This kit will attract: SEX


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Scorpio Makeup from Linda Mason

The beauty of Scorpio women is deep and mysterious, heightened by the intense magnetism of their usually round, prominent eyes. They are most often dark-haired, with dark brown, nearly black eyes. Their foreheads are generally not very high, and their jaw- bones are large; but with rather full cheeks and full, round lips, Scorpios have a very youthful appearance. Another fairly common Scorpio type has red hair, freckled skin, and sharper features, with a larger nose and more angular jaw. Often a mixture of these two is found. Much less common, but just as much a Scorpio, is the cool, blond, Grace Kelly type.


The Scorpio complexion, even when fair, is usually strong and not prone to many problems. If, however, Scorpio uses her inner strength and drive in a self- destructive way, her normally intelligent skin-care routine will become erratic and her hectic night life will show its effect on her complexion, especially if she has the fragile skin of the redhead, and her looks can alternate between vibrant and worn out.


Scorpios are frequently found wearing no makeup, but because of the intensity of their appearance, they still look mesmerizing. However, they believe in anything that will strengthen their already considerable powers and enjoy makeup because it does precisely that. They wear it well, never overdoing it, as Scorpio is also a sign of self-control. Scorpios are extremely memorable individuals (although in retrospect the special ingredients of their charm cannot be precisely identified): and, while cosmetics enhance a Scorpio woman’s sensuality, makeup is not the most obvious part of her appeal.


Nothing is better for her eyes than black or burgundy to emphasize their mystery, or deep, dark greens like the deep water Scorpio represents. Brighter blues and greens, on the other hand, are flattering for her lighter moods. For blushers and contouring, she should choose dark maroon or russet shades. Muted pinks also work well for her, on the cheekbones or framing the face. Her lips do not need much definition; in any case, a liner would be too intense for her. Burgundy, pale muted pinks, or even a natural gloss would be best. Scorpio’s pale skin really needs no foundation or, at the very most, a transparent one.


Bloodstones, a precious jewel ruled by Scorpio, are most flattering worn with harmonizing burgundy eye makeup, and black kohl pencil inside the lower rim of the eyes blended into the base of the lashes (see Allyson’s second makeover in this section). Kohl is the most important part of Scorpio’s makeup. It was invented for her, to enhance the magnetism of her already seductive eyes, and is flattering even when worn alone. Jade and topaz, also falling under the influence of Scorpio, are equally complimentary and harmonize with any of her colors. The paler, clear topaz, worn with a mixture of blues and greens, is especially original and attractive. This subtle style of makeup and jewelry accentuates the aura of intensity which makes the Scorpio woman so uniquely stunning.