Leo Moodkit


Leo (July 23rd – August 21st)
The Enchantress

These colors accentuate the Chic, Radiant  [Stylish, Elegant] beauty of Leo.

Lips – Red Hot
Blush – Coral
Eyes – Cloud, Storm Grey, Coal, Silver

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Leo Astro Kit from Linda Mason.


The strong radiant beauty of the Lioness stems from the combination of her love for life and her regal bearing. The beautiful expression in her eyes can be soft and calm one minute, then sparkling and lively when her enthusiasm overwhelms her contentment. Although Leo has a rectangular face with a wide, flat forehead, it is softer and wider than the rectangular Gemini face. She has well-shaped features—a regal nose and a rather small mouth, with the lower lip fuller than the upper lip—but her best assets are beautiful cheekbones and round, upturned eyes.


Despite her artistic inclinations, the Leo woman does not have an innate talent for using makeup to her advantage. The shape of her eyes makes them difficult to make up, so she can be more attractive without, rather than with, incorrectly applied cosmetics. Furthermore, Leo is frequently unable to see herself objectively. For this reason, she needs to practice applying makeup and should seek advice and feedback from her friends. Although Leo loves the limelight, she has a tendency to underplay her regality and sophistication, as if their physical manifestation were unimportant or cause for embarrassment. Here again her friends can be most helpful, by giving her the warmth and encouragement she needs to be at her best. Above all, Leo should remember that she is at her most beautiful, and most in harmony with herself, when her extravagant, luxurious nature is emphasized.


This does not mean that a natural makeup is inappropriate for her. On the contrary, while the bright colors she loves so much are suitable for her clothing, I advise neutral tones for her eyes—especially elegant shades of gray or brown. If her eyes are blue, a touch of the blue closest to her eye color can be combined with gray or brown. She should also remember to enhance her characteristic subtle elegance by lightening the browbone with a silvery-gray or grayish-white highlight. With a somewhat underplayed eye makeup, the ardent nature of this fire sign can be emphasized instead with the bright red and ruby lipsticks which are most flattering for her, or with Leo-governed ruby jewelry. Since Leo’s upper lip is often asymmetrical, it is advisable to line the lips before applying lipstick. If only a muted-pink lipstick is to be worn, pinkish-beige or natural pencil is best. Once Leo has discovered the best way to use these colors and feels comfortable applying them, she can lessen the intensity of her eye makeup and use only lip gloss when in a more relaxed, playful mood.


Special attention should be paid to the dry skin of fairer-haired Leos. Mild cleansers and a nightly nourishing cream will stabilize and strengthen the complexion. The brunette’s skin is stronger and more even-textured than the ruddier blonde’s. For her, a warmish beige foundation or even a golden tint would be best to lessen the pink. More Leo women color their hair a golden blond than women of any other sign; in such cases, they will need a foundation color that adds a golden warmth to their skin tone.


Leos love plenty of real jewelry. Gold, their metal, accentuates the warm glow of their skin, and lots of it— in oversized earrings or several gold necklaces, for example—will enhance the exoticism that is so much a part of the brunette’s appeal. The more quietly regal blonde will find that sparkling diamonds are the perfect accompaniment to her luxurious, sophisticated beauty.