Pisces Moodkit


Pisces (February 20th – March 20th)
The Siren

These colors will accentuate the Mystical, Compelling nature of Pisces.
Lips – Galaxy
Blush – Gold
Eyes – Snow, Cloud, Turquoise, Mediterranean

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Pisces is a true water sign: fluid, poetic, and feminine. She is the luminous, ethereal mermaid with the beautifully rounded figure, melting, watery eyes in a compelling face, and a vulnerability that makes one long to protect her. Pisces is easily moved to tears— of joy as well as sorrow—so if she has any beauty problem at all, it will probably be with her eyes. They are usually quite large and protruding, with a tendency to swell. They can be soothed very nicely, however, with compresses of witch hazel.


The Piscean face is most often oval-shaped, with a rounded forehead and strong, radiant skin that will remain smooth and silky until comparatively late in life if she protects it from the sun. Because of the uniformity of her skin tone, her wonderfully balanced features, her beautiful, often unusual eye color (watery green, transparent blue, or violet), and the mobility of her face, Pisces is one sign that has little physical need for makeup. Her fragility and certain shyness, however, give her a strong psychological need for it. She can be carried away by the vast array of beauty products available, and her shyness and vulnerability make her an easy prey for avid salesclerks. What she should remember above all is to respect the harmony of her features by using makeup of uniform intensity—whatever overall effect she desires.


No foundation will be needed for the natural look, but she should apply a moisturizer to protect her skin and a dusting of fine powder down the center of her face. The powder could be opalescent, as a slight shine is especially attractive on Pisces.


The space between her eyes and eyebrows is generally quite open and can be covered with shadow, but a darker color should be used next to the lashes to give her eyes more depth. Their oblique, almond shape can be accentuated with silvery-gray, gray-blue, gray-green, or even turquoise liner. Black eyeliner will harden her soft expression, but if a more dramatic effect is desired, it can certainly be used. The smoothness of the Piscean eyelid makes it quite easy to apply the frosted shadows which are so flattering to her limpid eyes. The most beautiful eye colors for her are those associated with her ruling planet, Neptune—lavender, mauve, sea- green, and aquamarine—all ethereal shades. While these colors can be harsh and detrimental to other signs, they acquire a wonderful softness and tranquility on the eternally fresh and youthful Piscean complexion.


Appropriately, coral jewelry is the most becoming to Pisces, especially when worn with the bluer shades of pink or red lipstick that look so good on her, and with eyes discreetly colored with smoky gray (another Neptune color) or dark deep-sea blue. Another Piscean stone, the amethyst, can be worn to enhance the effect of lilac eye shadow and lipstick, or to contrast with sea-green eye color—either would be especially beguiling on this sparkling water sign.